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In the Tropics

Good Morning Loves, it's finally starting to feel like Christmas over here. Somedays it's raining others it's sunny but thankful for the chilly mornings we've been getting. I'm not one usually for beanies but I thought this burgundy wasn't one to pass up. Another graphic tee because obviously I'm obsessed and MateVintage has a way with my heart, plus it's damn comfy! I've been doing a lot of shorts with tights since it's CA and I could wear that around this time. But these shorts are TOO cute and I love them. I hope everyone has been having a calm and relaxing Holiday so far, CANT believe christmas is right around the corner gotta get to my XMAS list! Have an awesome day loves!
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Just Be Easy Graphic || MateVintage || GO TO WEBSITE || @Mate_The_Label 

Floral Lace Trim Shorts || PYLO || CLICK TO BUY || @PYLOUSA 

Black Booties || H&M || CLICK TO BUY || @HM 

Burgundy Beanie || Forever 21 || CLICK TO BUY || @Forever21 


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