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WhirlWind Romance

It's Friday and that means it's time to ROAM FREE yet again. Friday isn't complete for me without some cool easy printed bottoms. Like my last blogpost I did this shoot in COMPLETE wind storm. I should've filmed a behind the scenes because it would've been hilarious watching us pose, getting sand in our eyes, ears, mouth/etc. The hat also flew off at some point, let's just say it was a hot mess. The beach looked beautiful as ALWAYS and the waves were HUGE. I love this crop top for summer time with high waisted bottoms. I picked these bottoms cause I was at the beach and why the heck not? It's all hand crafted by a beautiful designer. Which you can click on the link below and purchase. This day was a whirlwind minus the Romance cause obviously my life always seems to lack that haha. I do find the beach romantic though but what girl doesn't? And while your at the most romantic beach in Malibu during a windstorm YOU DANCE. or leave whichever you prefer. 


JOHNSON PANT || CLICK TO BUY || Oneill Clothing || @Oneillwomens #ROAMFREE


Hat || Forever21 


  1. OMG I'm in love with those high waisted bottoms! You look stunning! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie


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