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Be Mine x Others Follow

Be Mine, Alfred. Dear Alfred you are cute, charming and well I'm quite a fan of yours. You keep me up all morning and I'm confessing my love to you. <333 If you didn't know Alfred is a coffee place, one of my all time favorites. Not only is their coffee amazing but the decor, vibe and location of this place is just a win! #BUTFIRSTCOFFEE that's what they are all about and since my blood might as well drip coffee I only want Alfred to be mine this Valentine's day. 
This Others Follow dress is perfect for Spring and Valentines day because of it's fun style, lace and sexy back it's a great date/day and even date night dress in this CA winter. 
These sunnies were given to me by ZEROUV and they are far from ordinary. If you are a stand out girl like me these babies are a must! I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines day I know I will if I'm drinking my cup of Alfred. 

xoxo, loves.


Others Follow Red Dress || GO TO WEBSITE || @OF_clothing #Othersfollow

Indie Hipster Glasses || CLICK TO BUY || @ZeroUV || #Zerouv 

ALFRED COFFEE || || @alfredcoffee


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