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Surf Jam

Surf. Jam. Live in a Van. Shouldn't life be that easy? I mean everything is just that easy in overalls. I'm kind of obsessed with overalls theres something youthful and easy going about overalls. Once again it was quite the windy day and my hair was going everywhere but it was fun! My kimono which is my new FAVORITE piece was just flowing with the wind. Kimonos and overalls and well RED lipstick are a definite spring MUST* Below you'll find links to buy my outfit. :) 


Shadow Play Cardigan || CLICK TO BUY || Billabong Womens || @Billabongwomens

Overalls || Forever21 || @forever21

Necklace || Forever 21

Sunglasses || Pacsun

T-Shirt|| Crossroads Trading Company 


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