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Getting wild in this amazing field of flowers. It was raining the morning we took these photos so really I was standing in loads of mud you should've seen my shoes after xD that isn't the point though. We were driving down PCH and while listening to Halsey or something like that I was like TURN AROUND we passed this little street that had some cool road. We were looking for a road for Cathie's shoot but happened to stumble up this gem of a place. It was like magic I probably couldn't tell you how to get there but I could show you. This is probably not a typical outfit I'd expect to wear since I'm like the print queen but I wanted this amazing necklace that was sent to me by BLACK SPARROW JEWELRY to stand out. It already stands out on it's own but with the darker colors it really pops. Like my outfits i'm constantly changing my wardrobe and reinventing my style.
---- Black Sparrow Jewelry is for a good cause. Please take your time to click on the link below to see their amazing work.


Golden Eagle Talon || BUY IT HERE || Black Sparrow Jewelry || @Blacksparrowjewelry

Top and Jeans by William B + Friends || @williambfriends || #shopwilliamb


  1. helloww
    yaaay lets dance , i like the scenery where is it? full of beautiful flowers and you are same beautiful as the Flowers even more hehe
    btw do you know the awesome benefits of dance? come please visit my blog maybe leave some comment there :)

    baba loves you all


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