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White Winter ----NYC pt. 2

New York has truly been a dream come true. Weirdly enough I've never seen snow fall and in New York I saw it for the first time after leaving the Fashion Show. It was something straight out of a movie. All I wanted to do was stand underneath it and look up. That got old real quick cause well I was nowhere near wearing what I should be wearing it didn't make it any less magical though. One thing I HAD TO DO while being in NYC was walk the famous Central Park. Walking Central Park left me feeling breathless not because it was 2 degrees during this shoot and the camera stopped working because it was freezing but Central Park is perfect and even better when filled with fresh snow. I think I left a part of me in that park because a part of me keeps missing it and looking through these pictures makes me want to just jump on a plane and go back. Heck I think everyone leaves a part of themselves in New York cause after all it's the city of dreams. And I definitely got my dream come true! Thanks SO MUCH O'neill for making this happen I can't thank you enough! <3 Shop my look below. 


Heathered Jumpsuit || William B + Friends, Studio City, CA || @WilliamBfriends || #shopwilliamb

Midnight Moonlight Necklace || Adorn by Sarah Lewis || SHOP NOW || @adornbysarahlewis 

Puffy Jacket || NoisyMay || @noisymayjeans || SHOP NOW 

thanks so much lovelies, xoxo


Hipster Hat || Urban Outfitters || #UOonyou

SUNNIES || The Salt Water Gypsy 


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