Thursday, April 30, 2015

xx One Tribe xx

Good evening lovelies, this post is all about running free, being free and dressing how the heck you want. I've always wanted to do a cool face painted photoshoot so finally I did it in honor of Festival Season and being the little wanderer I am. On the way to Joshua Tree while blasting music and letting my hair fly through the breezy desert. This little spot, was magical. It was in the middle of nowhere and stood out to me right away. Although it's signs on the lawn and inside read "KEEP OUT" it made us a bit scared but what the heck it was worth it. Probably the FASTEST shoot we've ever done but I got to dance in these amazingly comfy pants (that I've probably worn 10 times since I've received them)….. THEY ARE THE BEST. I always say life is always about the adventure it isn't about the destination heck sometimes I don't even know where i'm going and I stumble upon hidden treasures like this. Make art, laugh, love and be YOU Wear whatever makes you feel 100% confidently YOU! I can't say that enough.

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All photos by @darkmintdaisy

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015


My last few posts have been about Coachella because I'm still somewhat stuck in the whole desert living/ music festival going / whole vibe. This whole shoot was taken at Coachella Friday morning when we got there. These bells have been my favorite not only do they fit to perfection but are great for festivals and everyday adventures. If you've been following me at all you should know by now I LOVE GRAPHIC TEES. This one is supper comfy and I rolled it up since it was stinkin hot in the desert. "You're a James Dean Daydream" is what it reads and I'll be sure to wear the heck out of this tee. I'm definitely glad to be back in LA and not in 90 degree weather that feels like 150! It was well worth all the sweat, cause gotta dance that booty off to good music! 

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Photos by @darkmintdaisy

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