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Making Waves

From random campgrounds to windy beaches. The days where you get your toes, legs and well everything sandy are the days that are looked back on with cheerful smiles and stories that couldn't even be dreamt of. Although only feeling like another day doing what we love, a day just like any other day with good company and laughter. It's those days that we keep in our hearts forever with friends that will last forever. It may be a small wave in the ocean but it's those waves that make a difference. I'd like to think of my friends and I as waves just roaming from coast to coast becoming a part of each other, parts that I look forward to. The interests we share and what we all want to accomplish dance across our futures like a wave crashing on a rock. It's about getting our feet sandy, seeing the world through a whole other light and the best part is we want to share it with you. This isn't just my journey it's yours. 


+ Bohemian Printed Dress || White Crow Clothing || || @Whitecrowbrand

+ The Rider Belt || SHOP BELT || @Jay.Nicole.Jewelry 

+Gypsy Necklace || @Silk_road_design 

Photographer : @Jamienkidd


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