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Mellow Yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness and fun to me. It's actually one of my favorite colors, I think when I was younger when everyone was saying theirs was blue or pink I was like why not yellow? So everything from then on was yellow my iPod, my notepads, heck even part of my tattoo is yellow. I guess I've always liked being different. This outfit is seriously so fun to wear! It's carefree and I feel like why can't everyday be a music festival?! I was in Topanga Canyon and never been to this Frog place but SO going back to enjoy it being open. It was early and everything was closed. I recommend a day dedicated to Topanga Canyon because it's one of those streets that has the coolest cafes, shops and places to get lost in everything is so colorful. So I dedicate this post to no Mellow Yellow but to fun yellow, to the underestimated color, and the underestimated you. 


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