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Tangerine Kisses

One Blogpost but I got two looks and some of my favorite picks from Sans Souci Stores. 
You can shop all my favorites on their site right here :

I definitely love bright colors but I also love soft light lace. It's elegant and really beautiful to me. So in this post I combined a little bit of both. The bright lace, and the soft lace. 
Let me know which one you would wear on a nice summer day. 
And be sure to check out Sans Souci for not only the latest trends but the coolest of them! 

Also don't forget to check out my interview and Blogger Spotlight here:

here's a snippet but click the link above to see everything! and be sure to shop these looks below;

1. Hi Ashley, how did you get started with modeling/blogging?

"Definitely wouldn't consider myself a model." I used to hate being in front of the camera but blogging has helped me feel completely comfortable and natural in front of the camera.And I started blogging a few years ago and really jumped all in last year.  I used to work for a company where I did wholesale buying, visual merchandising etc. I was in charge of the visuals for all the stores (6 stores in total) I kept realizing that women + girls were buying my mannequins the whole outfit it felt amazing! So I thought why not throw together a blog where I can be myself since I love writing and throwing together fun looks.
I am so thankful for that place because it started my blogging career but definitely hated the environment there. 

2. Favorite beauty and health tips?

Always wash your face before you go to bed. It's one thing I have to do no matter the time or however tired I am.
Drink loads of water, to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh.

3. Favorite place you've travelled? 

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