Thursday, August 25, 2016

Events, Wandering and ROŚE

This past weekend on Sunday, Cathie and I attended a release party for our favorite babes at 
SWIM LIKE A MERMAID. We enjoy attending and supporting the brands we care about. And no matter what have a great time! Also if it involves Rośe count me in. There were DJ's and the new swim line which is pictured below. I'm obsessed with the yellow and whites ones! I can't wait for them to go up on the site. Hosted at the lovely Shade Hotel in Manhattan beach it was a perfect day for fun in the sun. After the party we ran around Manhattan beach, people watched and checked out the sidewalk sale. We leave for our trip TOMORROW so getting things all sorted out and ready. Be sure to follow my instagram @dancingwithflyingcolors and check out the pictures below from the party! I can't WAIT for you guys to see upcoming posts. STAY TUNED! xoxo 

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Monday, August 22, 2016

Adventure Awaits

Morning babes, time for coffee some good music and staying in bed? Nope, but we'll all wish. I am definitely a morning person now. Since blogging I feel like i've trained myself to always wake up early, so i've gotten used to mornings. Now I just am tolerable to them. I wake up early, usually get on my laptop, make some coffee, chill out a bit before I start getting ready for the day. It relaxes me. I rather wake up early, since I have coffee and breakfast to look forward to. I'M A HUGE BREAKFAST PERSON. I can't leave the house without it. I'm definitely one for P.J's going to bed rocking some fun ones, and waking up prancing around the apartment in some cool jammies. 
These ones are particularly pleasant. I try to surround my life with positivity, good vibes and well all things adventure! So "Adventure awaits" probably the best pajamas I own, and darn right the comfiest. 

I've said time and time again but I'm really inspired by music and lyrics in particular. They speak volumes to me. I really listen to them, and with that they inspire me. To love, to feel, to cry, to have courage and so much more. These are just a few of my all time favorite albums on Vinyl. Ones with lyrics that will never leave my mind. 

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P.J. Salvage 
Adventure Graphic Longe Sleeve

P.J. Salvage 
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Friday, August 19, 2016


Cathie and I have always been obsessed with Reef and I wish they had all these cool styles of shoes while we were in high school. I definitely wasn't the cool kid in high school, not like the kids nowadays wearing the coolest clothes and look like they're older than me. I wasn't as fashionable but that all came after---basically in my college days. Although college is all about throwing things on and hopefully making it to class on time. We wanted to share how we'd style these looks if we went to school. Sadly and thankfully we are both out of school but maybe these looks will spark an interest to all of those of you who want to spice up and reinvent your back to school look! 
So this was us literally at a high school we wanted to create a story that really speaks for itself.

Here's our #BTS video and more photos below!

In the beginning we wanted a typical school day. Out in the hallways, talking by the lockers. Wearing school appropriate clothes. Although these are just inspired by how we'd wear them! The cool thing about Reef shoes are they aren't just supper stylish but they are like walking on a cloud. They'll get you through those rough school days as well as the amazingly awesome ones! 

Then we wanted the after school activities. I remember hanging out with my friends. We weren't the party types we'd hangout in soccer fields, play uno and just enjoy each others company. We'd make films and laugh till we cried. That's what we wanted to do.
 We went to the bookstore, ate some ice-cream and styled our Reefs with some ripped jeans and laughed until ice-cream fell on my pants.

How would you wear your Reefs? 

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