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Merbabe for Life

The Merbabe life is looking pretty great. I've been back in Los Angeles for a week now...even though if you follow my instagram we collaborated with a ton of amazing companies for this trip so I had loads of photos to post...and still a bit more. So I apologize in advance, but this trip was so magical. I couldn't get over the clear water and blue skies. Also one of the days we tried kayaking. I've never done it before so now I feel like a brat saying the first time I kayaked was in the Bahamas. The water was too rocky to go paddle boarding but the three of us fit in a kayak and just went as far as we could for probably over an hour. Until our arms were sore. I wanted to capture this awesome top with the backdrop of the water and the kayak we were on. It was a fond memory and I can't wait for you guys to see the videos we have coming out on Youtube! 

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