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She Lives Free

"She dances to the songs in her head, speaks with the rhythm of her heart, and loves with the depths of her soul." 

I have always found that quote to be incredibly true. The more I've grown into who I am and looked back at who I was. I'm constantly changing and growing but somethings about me will always remain the same. The way I enjoy going off the path and dancing in the middle of the street won't change. I love the way when I whip my hair around the smoothness of the wind dances across my hair. Although I'm not a huge fan of wind it's always nice to be tickled by it. I think living free is just enjoying the simple things. I hope all of you have simple things to enjoy, sometimes you just have to stop and listen...or dance in the middle of the street. What's your favorite quote to live by? 



Augustine Play dress // @Zellastonela
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