Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Enchanting under $100

The Holidays have gotten me sleep deprived, so much to do with so little time.  I have some exciting things for you lovelies. Sometimes during all the chaos of shopping, sometimes it's easier to splurge on a little something for yourself. Not in a selfish way definitely not saying that but you deserve a little something something too! This dress and necklace are the perfect gift to yourself! Also even better they are both under $100 which is a steal to me! It's always fun to look and feel like a million bucks without having to break the bank especially, around the holidays! So give a gift to a cousin or daughter or friend, heck even your mother deserves to look and feel pretty!


Crescent Horn Layer Choker Necklace - $29.90 || @CREAMERR.OFFICIAL

Ambrosia Maxi Dress - BLUSH - $68.00 || @LOVEVERITYSHOP


Monday, November 28, 2016

Street Style for the Holidays

Today's pretty special because not only did I post about some fun music jams, I'm also bringing you this awesome Holiday inspired post. Since I live in Los Angeles it doesn't get crazy cold but still cool enough to rock my favorite shaggy coat. I live in Reef Girls so I thought i'd show you how to dress up these comfy shoes so you can run around town and get those Christmas or Holiday gifts for all your loved ones in style + COMFORT. I know when I'm running around mostly last minute for those finishing touches, I like to be comfy. But I also like to stay chic and cozy! With this outfit inspiration you can do all of the above. I have this amazing jumpsuit that is comfy, stylish and literally can be dressed up or down by VERITY. Shop my BOHO-LIDAY style and be sure to check out the Reef blog for more of my fave holiday styles! >>

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It's Monday which means another post to jam out to with #MUSICMONDAY! This Monday i'm bringing some slow jams ; In the form of this amazing British "electronic soul duo" By the name of HONNE.  I definitely put them on constantly when I feel the need to relax or when I'm out and about driving or to be honest ALL THE DAMN TIME. Literally if I could marry a voice it would be theirs... They have the most addicting lyrics that are bitter sweet but also hopeful romantic. And could make a single gal like me feel even more single but I don't mind. The first song I heard from them is called "the Night" it's one of those songs that sounds amazing when it's raining out or during a nice warm bath; it just has that soothing sound to it and their voices take you to a distant peaceful place. I was instantly hooked by the romance in the voices, the sounds and all of the vibes! They have instantly become one of my all time favorite bands. I have yet to see them live but it's on the list and can't wait to see what kind of shows they put on. 

 So take a listen to this amazing duo and let me know what your favorite songs are!

Here's a list of my TOP 5 favorite HONNE songs:


***images of HONNE were found via Yahoo I do not own the right to them.
**Lyrical post made by me.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Wrap It Up

With Thanksgiving tomorrow I feel so behind with everything. I usually make my homemade signature pie but haven't even started that. Let's be real I'll be making it early tomorrow morning. At the moment I'm packing up to head to my moms for a few days. Which is exactly where I did this shoot. My moms backyard with my favorite gal Nicko, my husky babe. So thankful every time I get to see her pretty blues. 

With my obsession with wrap dresses and wrap necklaces I wanted to name this post "Wrap it up" for exactly that reason. Sometimes I like to throw on a great wrap dress like this for the Holidays or really for any given day. They have become an obsession of mine. Not only are they flattering on every body type they give that extra femininity that I love. So this trend of mine isn't dying down anytime soon!

 I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving just in case I'm not on here tomorrow. I'm so so so thankful for the amazingly talented humans that I get to call family and friends. I'm also so thankful for you guys. The readers, the stumbled upon my blog- one timers, the instagram followers, the ones that continue to support me and all that I do. I hope every single one of you know how grateful I am for you. You guys are incredible! 


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