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On the Edge

This weekend brought so many fun things. I hope you all had an amazing Halloween and danced the night away in your costumes. I shot this in Downtown Los Angeles. It was one of those mornings that    felt like it flew by. We ran around Downtown and then climbed up on this rooftop. There was even a time when we all basically hung off the edge. To get onto that balcony I climbed off the edge on a tall ladder. It was exhilarating! Come to find there were actual stairs down to the spot I was at. Nonetheless it was a perfect shooting day, and filled with adventures that will last a lifetime. Sometimes you have to do what you're scared to do and make a leap. Live on the edge for a bit and see what happens. This outfit was inspired by just that and also a little bit of halloween!

 SHOP DRESS // @Kershclothing
SHOP HEADBAND // @Im_with_the_band_headbands



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