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California Winters

This Winter, has been incredibly breathtaking. Although I'm a California girl born and raised I will never get sick of being able to roam around in a bikini in the beginning of December. Sometimes I don't even care how cold it is when I'm at the beach I have to bring a suit. And I have to explore the beach. This particular beach off of the coast of PCH was so much fun. It was actually the first time we've been to this one. First things first it was a bit confusing to find the way to go down to the beach. Once we looked around the cliff it was apparent, we made our way down. It's quite a hike down but so worth it, especially once you see the hues of blue and the waves crashing. There's nothing like the first time at a new beach. Not knowing how to get to the shore, not knowing if this path will even lead you there, but between the scent of the salt and hearing the waves kiss the shore it becomes clear. The best thing about this beach on this particular Sunday, not a soul in sight. We were running around and challenged ourselves. Every shoot we try to challenge and out do all of our other shoots. I think this one has to be my favorite thus far. We played with the sun as it bounced off of our crystal and into my eyes. We looked ridiculous from an outside perspective but that's what creating magic is all about. 
 I'm always changing in public (if you're a fashion blogger) it's kinda part of the gig, but being able to not only be free of the crowds of the crazy shopping fiascos around this time, but being able to roam on the sand; completely and utterly free. I'm so incredibly grateful for that. 

This is what CALI winters are all about. 


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IG: @sonoire

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  1. Beautiful pics! xx Arh I'm so jealous you can still visit the beach in December in a bikini!! It's freezing over here in New York now :(

  2. Thanks so much for the kind words lovely<3 Ah that's a bummer but New York is BEAUTIFUL around this time. Although supper cold :( but gorgeous girl! Have a wonderful Holiday! xoxo Ashley


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