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ButterFLY Obsessed

Butterflies have always been one of my all time favorite things. Watching them in their natural habitat just flying around, having no idea how beautiful they are to the eye. There's so many different kinds and I find them all beautiful. I even have a tattoo of one the first tattoo I got when I turned 18. They hold a special place in my heart and always will. So to wear one of my all time favorite things as a complete outfit makes me incredibly happy. I got this crown for my birthday back in October and the second I opened it I didn't take it off. I wore it all morning, all afternoon and all night. I didn't sleep in it but I would if I could! It's hands down my favorite and I feel special wearing it. All handmade by a beauty VivaDelfina! I thought it would fit perfectly with this two piece butterfly set handmade by BohoInternal! It's a beautiful set with the most gorgeous butterflies on it. Paired with the crown I definitely feel like I can take on anything! So to say I'm obsessed with butterflies is an understatement.




  1. OH MY DAMN!
    Freaking BUTTERFLY QUEEN <3333

  2. Amazing pictures!
    So lovely


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