Friday, December 15, 2017


Cathie and I have quite the best friend story. We actually met off of Myspace way back in the day and had a long distance best friend-ship with our third friend. We all dreamt of moving to Los Angeles and living "the Hills" lifestyle. Although Cathie and I only saw each other a few times a year our friendship continued to grow stronger. We stuck to our plan and we made it happen. Today nearly 11 years (going on 12 years) later...we're basically sisters and attached at the hip. We've been roommates in LA for over 5 years and continue to inspire each other. When we're not kicking ass and doing a million jobs we bond over Christmas by watching cheesy romantic Hallmark movies. 

Since we bond over staying in and treating ourselves we decided to giveback and host a BFF giveaway. We're all about giving back to other bff wither you've been friends for months or years! We thought of things that we love like face masks, candles, chapstick and well OUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY MOVIES +MORE! If anyone knows me they know I can watch the Grinch all year around so had to include that. We were overwhelmed by all of the entries and can't wait to host another BFF giveaway in the New Year! We will be announcing the winner later today!!



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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Crossbody by day, Wrislet by night

If your anything like me you like to explore, with your hands free that is. I don't think any girl likes to be digging around in her purse for that specific chapstick or better yet....keys and someway or somehow nothing is ever found and things just get lost in some Neverland. So when I came across this Vera Bradley crossbody bag that really only allows me to fit the essentials in it, I get incredibly happy because it forces me to not have random things in there! Here are some things I need at all times in my bag and they all fit in here. Obviously wallet (which this bag doubles as, has I.d. and credit card slots). Chapstick and lipstick (you never know when those day adventures turn into night time excursions, which surprisingly happens in my life a lot). Who doesn't love spontaneity. Keys and lastly a good pack of gum. So instead of digging around in Neverland I can finally be organized and open this bag with my eyes closed and know exactly where everything is at all times. More exploring hands free and less hassle of digging around. Oh and of course more time to drink all the matcha on rooftops as I can. 

EXPLORE MORE and click the photos of the bag below to shop it. 

Also, out of gift ideas for her? Snatch up this crossbody for her for the Holidays it's one of Oprah's favorite things of 2017 and I think that's pretty awesome! Want to see more of how this bag looks on the go? Look below for more images on how I styled this cross body for my daytime adventures! Trust me i've already gone out on the town at night with this bag and it's my new go-to! 


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