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My Favorite Fragrance

Excuse me while I sniff myself. Ever since I was little I've been obsessed with scents and well perfume. I remember when I was about 12 I had this really cool Anna Sui bottle I can't even tell you how it smelled but I know I loved spraying it on myself every morning. Then in high school I used Marc Jacobs Daisy.....well into my young adulthood. I used to switch it up and try new perfumes every year constantly searching for something that smelt like ME because what girl doesn't like smelling nice. Seriously one of my favorite compliments is "you smell lovely" in whatever shape or form that comes out of someones mouth. I AM HERE FOR IT. Also I just enjoy smelling nice for myself. So years ago I found Kai and i've been utterly obsessed with it's soft but intoxicating scent. Again I sniff myself on the daily because I just can't get enough. They just came out with their rose collection this year and now i'm torn every morning from spraying the original or rose on me. Which isn't a bad conflict to have because they both smell like heaven. I decided to buy myself roses and had an idea for shooting this delicious perfume. Although I wanted to shoot this outside on a beach the weather just wasn't working for me and the more I shoot I realize you can't always plan things out some things just don't work and thats okay..... I still had a fun beach day but coming home I still had the urge to shoot this. So I let the creative juices flow and shot inside my apartment. We played around with crystals and blasted music. I got very comfy with these roses and just wanted to share how obsessed I am with KAI. 

all photos are taken by @darkmintdaisy and edited by me with my BALI preset. 


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