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Maui Baby

So I went to Hawaii back in May and this blogpost is long over due but I'm happy to finally share it. I had to get some film developed so that's the main reason why it hasn't been posted. I went to Hawaii because it was a friends 30th birthday celebration and what more of an excuse do you need to hangout with friends in the most luxurious house and location?! I'm also really big on making other peoples birthdays special! We all stayed in our friends house which was under sold by the way. Getting out of our car and walking onto his property was something straight out of a movie....all of our mouths were dropped with how beautiful this place was. Walking distance to nearby private beaches and all of the resorts, I knew it was going to be quite a vacation! 

Surrounded by a bunch of good friends, the most pristine ocean and loads of activities it was a trip for the books! From a 4 mile (no trespassing) hike, to kayaking to turtle beaches (we only saw one swimming next to us), to snorkeling, to chickens crossing all the roads, to dressing up for 80's night, to learning drinking games, to Maui brewery, to exploring fresh coconut stands, to waking up at 5am everyday, to swimming all day everyday in what feels like bath water.... the list of adventures goes on. I'm incredibly grateful for the people I continue to surround myself with. They've taught me true friendship and let us go crazy with photos. What a remarkable group and trip! 

Thanks to my favorite brands for always keeping me covered and stylish on my trips!

Shoutout to @jackie for letting us shoot her like crazy and being our photographer when we needed some bff photos! 


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