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3 outfits 1 pair of sandals

When it comes to running around or basically living at the beach (no i'm not talking about actually living at the beach but being at the beach so much I basically should have a residence there--) a good pair of sandals really comes in handy. From morning pilates and enjoying my coffee, to a fun beach day eating watermelon on the pier, to a cool night in some denim on denim. I'm not being dramatic at all but I do actually live in these Reef sandals. Mainly because they're the most comfortable things and honestly they do go with every outfit I own. Whenever I'm running errands or grabbing coffee with friends I instantly gravitate towards these sandals. And YES I do own every single color but I love how the white ones just pop with a pair of jeans. I had fun styling 3 separate outfits and want everyone to love these sandals as much as I do...heck all of my friends now own them that's how much I talk about them. Get yourself a pair and let me know how you like them! From beaches to city life these sandals won't disappoint.

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  1. I love the cute sandals girl!


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