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Live Colorfully and Balanced

Ways to better yourself inside and out. These are just a few things that have helped me mentally, emotionally and physically lately. Obviously I have my ups and downs, things have been really hard lately but it just reminds me that putting my needs first isn't necessarily a bad thing. In order for me to show up for others I have to be able to show up for myself first. And that's exactly what i'm sharing with you! I hope these little things help make a difference in your day, week or even year. When you practice them daily it makes all of the difference in the long run. 

-a workout routine that you're excited about

I started doing the pilates class in August of 2020. I started it because I was going through a lot mentally and needed something that would keep me focused. I've always loved working out but had a hard time finding videos or a routine that I could stick to during the week. I have fallen in love with how the pilates class has made me feel inside & out. I've also seen a huge change in my body. She's really kept me motivated during this whole pandemic and her classes are short so they fit perfectly into my daily routine. I get excited to do her classes and usually I follow her weekly intense schedule. She also has a chill schedule as well! I pay for her classes so this isn't at all sponsored I just really have never seen such insanely incredible results with all of the other workouts I used to do. I highly recommend trying her free week and a membership is only $29 a month. I canceled my gym membership and honestly not missing it AT all. I look forward to getting on my mat every day! So find a workout routine that gets you excited because it'll help keep you motivated and you'll actually stick to it, it won't feel like something you feel like you have to do! 

-journaling regularly 

I am a HUGE believer of journaling and writing down my emotions or how i'm feeling in a moment. Obviously it's usually in the morning or night not actually when i'm going through them in that second. So here's a few of my favorite journaling prompts that I always think of when I sit down to write it all out. 
  • what's something good that's happened today or yesterday or heck even this week? - big or small - write about it in detail
  • today i'm feeling.....and then just go crazy with it. Let the pen do the talking, you'll be surprised how good this little activity will feel afterwards. 
  • what's something that isn't serving me? what can I do to change this? 
  • what can I do today that will make me happy? 
  • write about 5 things that really bring your soul joy
  • how can I show up for myself today? 
  • how can I show up for my loved ones this week?

-drinking loads of water (add mint or fruit for a natural taste) 

I am a huge fan of lemon water! It honestly makes me feel so good because being hydrated is a huge part of my daily routine! Being hydrated isn't always easy and I'm always trying to drink as much water in a day as I can. What makes it easier for me is adding Liquid I.V. to my water after or before a workout. I have a discount code if you would like 15% off your order or you can click the link and it'll automatically apply to your checkout screen. My favorite flavor right now is the PiƱa Colada hydration multiplier and the immune support one! Use DANCINGWITHFLYINGCOLORS for 15% off. I swear by these little packets they make me feel so good and hydrated! It's really helped me a lot!

-getting outdoors 

it could be as simple as a walk or hike but I notice my mood shifts when I get to look up at the clouds in the sky versus staying indoors not seeing the light of day. Which is particularly hard right now with stay at home orders but mask it up and get on a fun new hike or take your workout video outdoors. It could make all of the difference. Lately I've been taking my workout on the beach then jumping into the freezing ocean afterwards. Just make sure you're getting out on a walk or moving your body, working from home can feel like all the days blend into one but start now. Make a little change and be sure to look up at the sky even if it's for 5 minutes a day! 

-a change in diet (eat colorfully, live colorfully!)

I know I sound like a broken record but a shift in mood could be because you aren't getting all the nutrients your body needs. I'm constantly thinking of meals to get creative with because I am vegetarian. I love fruits and veggies but sometimes I just end up eating pasta for dinner. (which is fine I friggen love some alfredo.) Don't be so hard on yourself, find a diet that you can stick to not because you want to lose weight. The key to a good healthy lifestyle is BALANCE. You can have your cake and eat it too literally! Just make sure there's a balance and portion control it really all comes down to that. My key to get as many fruits and veggies in a day as possible is to make a smoothie for breakfast and eat loads of colorful things throughout the day. It may be easier to eat fast food for you which is fine you do you boo! But just make sure you're not doing it every single day for every meal. Challenge yourself this week and make a colorful meal, you'll feel so good and your body will thank you! When in doubt get on tiktok or pinterest there's loads of healthy meals on there that i've learned!


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