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London We Meet Again

London, UK

I had the pleasure of going back to London sooner than I thought. This time was 100% different since I got to see my boyfriend, his family, friends and where he grew up. I just went to London the first time in November/December of 2022 (when I happened to meet my boyfriend during a pub crawl)...I already have a blog that you can read here for my first London experience, it really has changed my life. 

I may have dragged my boyfriend to some spots he's never even thought about going back the London eye, Big Ben, and other really touristy spots you think about when you picture London. It was fun getting to experience them with him though, and I got lucky being able to have him navigate the trains for me. Two of my favorite places we went to was  Flight Club and Puttshack. We're absolutely obsessed with pool, darts and really any game we can play together so these spots were a MUST, plus they made for the best date nights. He also took me to Southend On Sea, which was a lovely time! The rides were closed but we got to ride the train that's on the pier, got some chips and explored the little houses on the pier. I was obsessed with the vibrant colors of them, they looked so beautiful with the sun reflecting off the sea behind them. Just getting to spend quality time together was my favorite of all. BUT getting to see where he grew up, hanging out with his family, going to the pubs with friends...those were all the real highlights of my trip.

Of course, since we walked around a lot I needed comfortable footwear my Merry People Billie clogs & Merry People Gum boots came in handy throughout my travels. 


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