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Selwo Aventura

The day was full of ADVENTURE, the most majestic animals, and all kinds of exploring. This park fully got me walking past 10,000 steps and I enjoyed every second of it. It's located in Estepona, Spain called Selwo Aventura. Walking inside you instantly see the cheetah enclosure which was pretty cool, I feel like most of the time they leave the big cats or wild ones towards the middle or end. My boyfriend and I arrived to the goats. We saw a little sign that said you can walk into the enclosure to get a closer look. I am a HUGE lover of all animals so instantly I had to give these cuties a visit. We both walked around the enclosure waiting and of course respecting these cutie animals. The goats came up to us almost as if they were dogs rubbing our legs, begging for all the pets. Only then did I get down and pet them. After we said goodbye to our goat friends we came across this beautiful lake with swans swimming around. What completely stopped us in our tracks and I'm talking we watched this little one climb and sleep and climb down the tree to eat etc....was the red panda. I don't think I've ever seen a red panda in person. It became one of my FAVOITE animals that day. All you have to do is scroll down so see this sweet face!

Watch my video of the park here!

We booked the Serengeti Safari for later in the day so just continued to walk around, taking all the animals in. We watched the monkeys for sometime as well. They were so fun to watch! The coolest thing about this park was all of the bridges. I had to walk across all of them. The views were STUNNING! Then we made our way to the bird enclosure, which you get to walk through. We made it to the other side of the park where the safari meets at.

The safari was extra cost but 100% worth it. You get a tour of the lakes reserve, you're in an off road truck that takes you to see animals up close and you even get to feed some of them! The areas are restricted but you get to experience how the animal caretakers and biologists see this park (up close and personal). We fed zebras, and even got to get off the truck to witness one of the world's deadliest land mammals eat their dinner. Luckily these ones are vegans. Seeing hippo's eat up close wasn't on my 2023 bingo card but here we are. They're gorgeous creatures! The Safari came to an end, and instantly I was hungry! We had pizza at the park then made our way back to the exit stopping to see the lions and of course the red panda again. You can learn more and book your visit below! 

About Selwo:

"Selwo Aventura, in Estepona, offers the wildest experience in a nature expedition through different territories that will take you to Africa and other continents to meet iconic species such as the lion, white rhino, giraffe, hippo, cheetah, Iberian Lynx, Asian elephant and red panda. 

On it's route of adventure activities, the park offers three large suspension bridges similar to the ones that cross rivers and lakes of the legendary African territories and the Ziwa zip line, 116 meters long. It has a bird eye's view of the great lake, and lush vegetation that surrounds it. 

The park has an extensive program of activities and presentations. Educational talks about various species such as the lion, cheetah, giraffe, Asian elephant and lemur, and the unique experiences with Safari Serengeti. 

Hotel Selwo Lodge is composed of the Watu and Masai villages and the recently opened Zulu village."

More on their website: Learn more!


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