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Autumn Leaves Falling Down

The weather has been overall perfect in California lately although now coming back from Seattle I was dying for rain there...and all I got was sunshine. I was happy though to get the 40 degree weather :) This post is mainly about one of my all time favorite websites. I first discovered them a while back looking for bohemian clothing and stumbled upon this amazing site. I feel in love with everything I saw and although I can't buy the whole website I dream of it. I am all for trying things different and testing my outfits with new ways of playing with color palettes or just wearing things that bring me out of my comfort zone. These ThreadSence overalls definitely do that. The pattern is so chic and boho which is all me! The colors are simple and I threw them on with a purple/burgundy Freepeople top. The weather was perfect for these awesome overalls and I say YES to Overalls, from age 5 to 21. ;) This is probably one of my favorite pieces and I will continue to rock these badass overalls! Especially in this perfect fall atmosphere, I think the leaves play off the patterns don't cha think?

Overalls -----

Top ----


Purse----thrift shop (vintage)

Keep pushing that comfort zone beauties. ASHLEY P<3


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