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I Need Coffee


Good morning lovelies,
Recently on Instagram I've been throwing outfits or just merching things together. It's been a pretty big hit for me so I decided to blog about it and the outfit that I love. I've always wanted to do a photoshoot in this outfit because if you don't know I am highly addicted to's that I drink coffee black anytime of the day---and not wake up kind of addiction. Yep. It's that bad but I don't care it makes me happy and life is too short to not do things that make you happy! So I had a lot of fun in this shoot and I hope you can see it through these awesome photos! Plus it's always fun to lounge around with coffee<3
STAY AWESOME<3 and drink coffee haha! --ASHLEY P

I NEED COFFEE T shirt dress (I LOVE THIS) ----

Cardigan it's aztec print and FRINGE make this piece a MUST HAVE --

Necklace (it adds that bit of classy!) also a MUST HAVE

Socks (so cozy and fall!)


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