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Last week my roommates and I threw a XMAS party that we called the Gypsy Palace Xmas Party! Only because that's what we've named our cozy apartment. It was a blast we set up a Photo Booth that consisted of cheap decor and fell off halfway through the party...but it was hilarious and we all laughed. I played bartender which I love making drinks now it's pretty amazing! The night ended with laughs and great stories.... between bar-tending and running the "Photo Booth" I wasn't in many photos but at least got these :D  I couldn't have asked for a better party! These pictures only sum up some of the laughs and not even half of the people :(( but here's to great memories and friends! I'd love to hear all about everyone's Christmas and I hope you all have a safe Holiday!

Highlighted items
TOP: Velvet (Urban Outfitters Melrose, LA)

Headband: Pacsun


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