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Tea for None

Tea is almost as addicting to me as coffee...after a long stressful day, or just to make my insides feel warm and cozy. My mom has a great tea time table in front of her house and every time I visit I just want to have a fancy cup of tea. I have yet to do that! But I had fun doing a shoot all around the house especially in this outfit. I LOVE dresses they are so much fun to twirl around in...which I could help with this shift dress. It just isn't a shift dress it's an attitude ;) haha This knit cardigan is also very holidayish and since I love print on print I had to throw this on. I did end up drinking tea just not at the fancy table, nor did I picture in it. This post also features my mom's (MINE secretly) dog Nicko, she is my baby and the first picture I just had to include she's my little wolf dog! I hope everyone is getting more and more into the Holiday Spirit I know I am! 

Knit Cardigan: Flea Market (Melrose) @Melrosetradingpost
Shift Dress: Wasteland Studio City, CA @Shopwasteland ||
Shoes: Pacsun @Pacsun
Sunglasses: Flea Market
Lipstick: Mac 


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