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Wild & Free

I'm sure i've had a post or plenty posts about being Wild & Free. I just feel so deeply for allowing yourself to be completely free. Free of the burdens in the deepest crevices of your mind. Being free from all the junk that happens on a daily basis but allowing yourself to just stop, breathe and take it in. Take in the beauty that is life. I get to a point where I start wondering, wondering about life and why i'm here and what i'm destined to do. It becomes so very clear, when I roam around shooting. When I'm laughing so hard I have tears in my eyes. Or when the wind is nearly blowing me away but I still manage to get the shot that counts. I love the adventure that it allows me to create every weekend. That's why I'm here and the more I let myself fall deeper into the creative side i've been gifted I feel oh so content. Not many allow themselves to be completely free, so I challenge you to do it. Do what sets your soul on fire! Do it with passion, with sweat, heck even with tears as cliche as it is. Heck I may just be rambling on about things that only matter to me, but if I change someones mind and inspire them to live out their dreams then what I'm doing here will all make sense. My goal is to inspire each and every one of you to think outside the box, to listen to your passion to feed it, water it and watch it grow. 

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