Thursday, March 31, 2016


4 am wake up calls. This was the day we filmed our intro to get the sunrise at 6am….we ended up being a little too late but thats okay. It was about the adventure and if you've been following us or just decided to watch, or just happened to stumble across this video…you'll see we are all about adventure. We enjoy having fun creating our blog content and this is us, raw us, the us that you don't necessarily see in our photos. We want to inspire people to wake up at the crack of dawn. To do something ANYTHING, do what you're passionate about and DO IT HARD. So this is Episode 3. Get to know us because Episode 4 is right around the corner and it's gonna be SO GOOD, and a little crazy. I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed creating it. #DXDWANDER


Filmed by: Rachel Leyco @RNLEYCO


Edited by: Yours Truly
Ashley Prybycien



Roadside Lover

When you're driving through the canyons windy roads, and you see this beauty of a car; all alone. You have to stop and admire it. Better yet do a whole shoot with it haha. I definitely loved this stunning old vintage car and I love that I had my vintage dress to go with it! The best part is when a dress has pockets! So go on a road trip and don't look back just drive. Have a destination or don't. Wear what you want, blast music and fall in love with the crooked, windy, uphill battle of a road trip. Shop my look below!

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Monday, March 28, 2016

From the Shore

Happy Monday all! I'm excited to share one of my favorite dresses with you. If you like spinning around in dresses as much as I do then you gotta own at least a few maxi dresses. What's better than a maxi? A maxi with slits perfect for those Spring brunch times with the gals! Or roaming empty beaches…haha~ I've been working hard getting episode 3 out to you guys and GUESS WHAT i'll have it out launched on THURSDAY. I promise<3 It's gonna be great and can't wait for you all to continue watching our behind the scene adventures. There's WAY TO much that doesn't get captured but working on it! Have a wonderful day and shop my entire look below. 

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Heaven on Earth

HAPPY EASTER, lovelies! I hope your day is filled with Love, God, and happiness. Recently I visited one of my FAVORITE like all time hands down- the place that makes me forget anything I'm going through....places. It's magical. And it's a bit of a drive but hey what the heck, my life is about the journey not the destination. So the best friend and I went and I'm acting like we're at Disneyland BEYOND EXCITED. It's just the perfect place to visit before and during Easter. Which has me also thanking God for everything he's put me through. In one of my favorite books called "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan I've highlighted this quote "Both worry and stress reek of arrogance. They declare our tendency to forget that we've been forgiven, that our lives here are brief, that we are headed to a place where we won't be lonely, afraid, or hurt ever again, and that in the context of God's strength, our problems are small, indeed." 

So true! So spend today with the ones you love and thank God for every precious moment. Have an incredible day! And shop entire look below! <33 


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