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DXDWANDER WATCH EPISODE 7: For all the coffee lovers

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We wanted to create something a little more personal. We as coffee lovers or more like obsessors sadly depend on coffee. And although we go to Starbucks ALL the time we also go to coffee shops that have soul, meaning and creativity behind the beans. Since coffee is so dear to us we know it's dear to others. We have had a long list of coffee shops to try in our area as well as the broad area of Los Angeles. So here you'll see us trying that first sip, you'll see us window sitting and people watching. Chatting with friends, meeting up for coffee. We believe great things happen over coffee and this will probably be the first of many coffee shop experiences because there's SO many on our list. While you watch us checking off some of these spots we've never been to, We hope it inspires you to go try some in your area. It's so easy to keep going back to the known coffee place. The unknown ones are so worth the experience though! So watch and we hope you enjoy!

Mainly filmed by Cathie and I, with some help from Rachel Leyco.
Edited by: Me
Music by: Sylvan Esso

Below are the list of Coffee shops we tried in the Video:
RawBerri - West Hollywood
Float - Pasadena
Blue Bottle - Downtown Los Angeles
Copa Vida - Pasadena


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