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Weekend Paradise

Weekend vibes are near. Let's talk about last weekend though. The heat turned up and so did this outfit.  I'm obsessed with rompers. This one though is unlike any other. It's sweet, sexy and everything in between. It'll have you going from day pool parties to rooftop bars with the gals. I can't wait to wear it everywhere all summer long. This past weekend though. Cathie and I headed to the desert for a mini vacay and one of the best pool parties we've been to yet! I'll post more about the party and all it's details later this week. I love Palm Springs because every single house looks impeccable. We drove down random streets and got lost for a second in between all the beautiful houses. We're all about capturing a moment so film cameras are a summer need! Be sure to shop my look below after the photos! and be sure to follow my adventures on @dancingwithflyingcolors and @dxdwander for mine and Cathies!
xoxo Ashley!

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