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Spirit's Blooming

With the Holidays coming to an end and the beginning of a New Year just at the horizon I definitely feel so thankful. Thankful to have met so many incredible people. I want to give Sheila a HUGE shoutout for being one of those people.
 This shoot will be one for the blogging books and one I'll always remember. Cathie and I have a habit of going out of our way to find backdrops for our outfits when we shoot. We stumbled upon this pink house in Melrose, which instantly made us pull the car over. We don't over step our boundaries and we're pretty quick when we shoot anywhere, so doing as we always do; we starting shooting in front of this amazing house. When all of a sudden a woman walked out of the house. After some introductions and wondering what we were doing we told her. She was a godsend and her name was Sheila the owner of this beautiful Los Angeles home. Sheila then let us shoot in her backyard, front yard and all over. It was one we'll always remember because of her kindness and willingness to let us in and use her beautiful yard as a backdrop. She made both of our days and we couldn't stop thinking of this incredible stranger who touched our lives for the better. You just never know who you'll meet doing the things you're passionate about. Never over step your boundaries but always think outside your comfort zone, because you'll never who will touch your soul the way strangers do. 
So thank you Sheila, for being you. 



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