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Hey babes, it's that one day of the year again where the single gals freak out and the taken ones also freak out begging their boy to please tell them where they're taking them to dinner tonight.... okay it's definitely not that black and white and nope i'm not at all bitter of my situation. I think years ago i'd feel lonely or want some guy I was "talking- to" at the moment to surprise me with flowers, but not this year. I have grown a lot in the past few years duh-- but i've learned what i'm capable of and needing a guy for this holiday just isn't one of them. Celebrate with your own wolf pack, your babes; the girls that never left your side when he pushed you to the gutter. Eat pizza, watch all of the chick-flicks and most importantly laugh until you cry. It's honestly just another day, another day to appreciate those you love most in life and for those apart of a couple it should just be another day. Another day filled with the love that has already been shared day after day, month after month. Treat everyday like Valentines day and most importantly cherish every moment. 

So to give you a little back story on why i'm not even worried about the holiday it's because i've been creating a little empire. Cathie (@darkmintdaisy) my BFF AKA Galentine and I started a company of our own this year. It's something we've been wanting for a long time but we just didn't know what. We put our talents together and it sort of just fell into our laps one night. It all started with a custom jacket I made her for her birthday last October. It had us thinking for a bit but then I made myself one and we got more buzz around the subject. It became a hobby of mine painting these jackets that no one in the world would have but her and I. So I made a few more and we started LIVE WYLD. It's just the start but it's been an amazingly overwhelming with joy experience. I made these two jackets below thinking of Valentines day. "Your LOSS babe" I saw on pinterest and it just spoke to me. To all the guys that it didn't work out with, to just feeling awesome walking down the street this jacket is inspired by that. Although each piece takes hours and hours to create I have such a grateful time seeing them come to life. SO whatever it is you love, DO IT. Do it with passion, with all or nothing. Happy Galentines day, make yourself and your loved ones feel fabulous always!

Photos by : @jaythelim




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