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Love, by the Seaside

Los Angeles has been a bit gloomy lately. One-second the sun is blaring through the window, and the next droplets from the sky. Not only is our weather a bit dramatic so are people who drive here in the rain. You'd think some sort of crazy storm was happening or the zombie apocalypse; but yet it's just water. The water no matter where somehow puts me at ease. Even if it's just the sound of "drip drip drip" coming through the window better yet if it's the sound of the waves kissing the shore. I know i've talked about this numerous of times but the ocean has my heart. I don't care if it's freezing out, or pouring rain the ocean will always drive a spark through my body. So on this particular cloudy morning I woke up early, threw on this amazing romper (which can we just talk about the back details SO CUTE) by MORRIS DAY and drove up the coast. Although the ocean was hiding behind the fog it begged to be heard. I typically stray away from El Matador (it's one of the most popular beaches in Malibu and if you want to see a ton of photoshoots going on this is the beach to go to). Yet on this morning, we went and watched the love between the shore and the waves. We roamed around, watched at least 5 other photoshoots going on and hiked back up to the car. The fog stood its ground and the ocean continued to roar.

 I call that Love, by the Seaside. 

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