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TROPICAL PRINT:: and with two pieces ALWAYS. With spring in full bloom why not dress for the weather. I've always been a lover of all things tropical and I mean tropical. I'm so happy drinking out of a coconut it's pretty funny. I remember trying a coconut for the first time I don't even know how old I was, maybe 6. My older sister and I had one in the garage we threw it so hard against the cement and nada, nothing came out. It wasn't until my mom's boyfriend at the time cracked it open with a knife, that I truly understood what the heck this thing was. I've always loved the shavings and still adore them to this day. Anything tropical is my jam! So when this adorable two piece caught my eye I had to share it with you babes, because i'll be wearing this well into Summer! 

Check out Seven Wonders the Label now and see all the other goodies they carry! 

ALSO what is YOUR favorite print to wear?! 




  1. This look is so perfect for the spring! You look amazing. I just bought a similar floral chiffon matching set and can't wait to wear it.


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