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The Accessory I can't LIVE without

The ultimate accessory for me isn't a purse or jewels although I love those things; there's just one thing you won't find me without. I store them in my car, in my room, in my purse just to always have backups. It's sunglasses. Eyewear to me can change a whole outfit. They also tell a story, the giant (leave me alone haven't had my coffee yet) ones, the shiny (I'm ready for some fun in the sun) ones, there's just so many stories to tell. I kinda love that about them. It may just be me reading too much into this small but powerful accessory but I know one things fur sure, i'm obsessed with them. I can't get enough. Other people may collect stamps, or purses or paintings but I collect eyewear. I have too many to count but never enough. With all the unique shapes and sizes they are the one accessory I wouldn't want to live without! What's yours? Check out how I styled @Sojosvision eyewear 3 different ways; all equally fun!


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PHOTOS BY: @darkmintdaisy


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