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I've been trying out this Fit Life Tea for a few weeks now. I workout from here to there but I'm not a huge gym person. I mainly do small workouts everyday and LOVE yoga. With my busy schedule it's always hard crunching in some workout time. This Tea though is so easy to make and works perfectly with my schedule. I take it on the go and use it twice a day. I've tried other products like this and they either don't taste too good or I get annoyed of drinking the same thing over and over again. This one on the other hand tastes so good I get excited to make it! To get real personal, even while I was on my period this month I've noticed less bloating. I even wore a bikini to the pool while on it and felt more in shape than ever! I can't wait to continue using it all up! I hope you try your own Fit Life Tea and see where it leads you!


Photos by: @darkmintdaisy


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