Tuesday, July 31, 2018

underneath it all

I think so many of us get to a point where we're trying, trying, trying and our best isn't feeling quite good enough. The comparison to others overwhelms you and if it came to drowning or swimming you'd drown. I've been feeling like this a lot lately. Drowning emotionally. Just uninspired, feeling like i'm not good enough; thinking what the heck am I doing with my life?! So many questions running through my mind I wish I had a pause button or a mute button for my brain. Don't get me wrong I love my life and I have the most amazing opportunities knocking at my door but i'm just trying to be vulnerable here, in a space where I can be nothing but myself. 

I sat down with no clue on what to write but uploading these images something inside me ignited. I felt inspired for once in a few months... and I wanted to inspire you or give you hope or whatever you gain out of reading this.  I felt inspired to share some things. To show you what's underneath it all. Things are never what they seem and I constantly have to remind myself of that. I've always been one to continue to push myself in all aspects of my life. I've been taught to be grateful for every opportunity. So when someone pushes you to your limit it feels like a million pieces of your heart shatters. It's never easy dealing with the people that consume your sunlight and the past few months all they've wanted was to see me fail. I let them break me and push me around to benefit their way of life. I let them get to me, feeling like my all wasn't even close to being enough. We all have had this type of person come into our life and stain us, because after them we're never going to be the same. 

It's hard to continue to get inspired or feel inspired 24/7. I don't think any human being is 100% inspired always, we're HUMAN. We have to go through things, and grow through things. We have to learn from the chaos and gain something positive from the experience. As i'm growing from what changed me I think I'll let their negativity drive me to do shoots like the one below. Feeling completely and utterly at peace, using my art to speak. & going topless because it's freeing! 

  Underneath it all is a heart that beats for peace, friendship, happiness and most importantly love. We have to love each other, empower each other, and believe in each other. 

so trust me when I say your best is good enough, and i'm proud of how far you've come. 
I'm telling myself that everyday.



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Monday, June 18, 2018

Comfy Denim Styled 3 ways!

If you're like me you love yourself a good pair of jeans. I have a go-to pair that I could probably wear everyday or have worn days in a row just because they're an easy throw on and make any top look flattering. My schedule is really crazy and changes on the daily from coffee meetings in Venice to painting on my apartment floor. I'm constantly changing my outfit sometimes multiple times in one day. One thing that I recently discovered was Nygard Slims and let me tell you they're the comfiest stretchiest pair of jeans I own. Jeans are always a hard find for me so when I find ones that I actually like and that fit comfortably sign me up for multiple pairs! So I styled my 3 pairs according to what i'd do that day. My first look I paired the black slims with a fun red bell sleeved crop top and a hat red is usually my go to on the daily or when I go to shows I love a good red top & red lip. So the black slims really went perfect with this look. My second look is of course a printed button up that I tied. I love finding a good printed button up since you can always tie them at the bottom and could wear them so many different ways. The dark slims went really good with the dark navy in the shirt. This look I wore around Santa Monica getting some food near the promenade. Lastly, the light wash (one of my faves) since I love incorporating color into my daily wardrobe these are my main go to Nygards I paired these ones with an embroidered tank for more of a beachy look. I'm the ultimate beach gal so of course need some jeans to throw on after a fun beach day! I keep jeans in my car purposely for this reason! I hope you enjoy all the looks I styled with my Nygard slims make sure to pick yourself up a pair they literally feel like i'm wearing yoga pants all day!

Get yourself a pair and check out all my looks below! 


Exploring Costa Rica

I got the most wonderful opportunity to explore Costa Rica with some amazing humans. It all started with a text message from a friend wondering if we'd be able to join her on a trip to Costa Rica. She's the most amazing talented sweetest human and designer of Swim Like A Mermaid so of course i'm gonna say yes there's just one problem..... getting there. Although I travel often money always hinders because I've never had loads of it. It always comes down to that since Cathie and I only travel on a budget and we weren't planning on going on any trips let alone out of the country anytime soon. Let alone in 2 weeks, did I forget to mention that? The trip would have to come together in two weeks. YIKES! All in all with a lot of praying and asking for help something wanted us to visit Costa Rica at the last minute. I couldn't be more grateful for the experience and people willing to help make it happen. We created such amazing bonds with the girls we traveled with i'll link them all below so you can check them all out. Honestly without those girls I don't know what I would do. By the end of the trip I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and lets just say there wasn't a day that went by that wasn't adventurous but I'm glad I got to experience what I did. I could probably go on and on but I want you to check out the photos to really grasp the experience. Wearing loads of Life Clothing Co and Reef be sure to check them out but I highly recommend bringing as little clothes as possible if you travel to Costa Rica around this time it's HUMID AF.... I may look shiny or like I have too much highlight on but it's only because of the sweat.




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