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A Few Ways I Changed My Life - to be more environmentally friendly

I'm going to list some things that i've been doing more than this year but this year I really buckled down and made sure I switched some things up not just for me but for the environment. This is just told from my point of view no company is paying me to post their products I just wanted to share the changes I made on my own. I woke up one morning and just randomly decided things needed to change. These are products i've been using. I'll tell you below how they work on me! I just wanted to share them all since I love them so much and they basically changed my life! Thank you for coming along my journey and if you have any recommendations on what you use to help be more eco friendly i'd love to hear them!!

I stopped using paper cups @ coffee shops / buying plastic water bottles /  BYOS - bring your own straw.

I used to go to my favorite coffee shops at least 3 times a week...if you times that by the whole month that's at least 12 paper cups that go to waste...times that by the year that's at least 144 cups that go into the trash. That's only if I go 3 times a week for the whole year just me, so imagine how much waste and how long the lines are at coffee shops.... it's insane. AND what if I go every day for a week it just adds on when you put it into perspective. Now just imagine if we all stopped and brought our own reusable cups to our favorite coffee shops. It makes a HUGE difference. Obviously i'm not perfect and when I'm traveling it's hard to always have your reusable coffee cup ready so there's times I slip and that's OKAY the whole point is try. Be aware of what you're doing! Try today, try now and stock up on reusable coffee cups. I have TOO many now and it always feels good walking into a coffee shop with it. Get yourself a cute one! You'll always know what coffee is yours and plus YOU GET A DISCOUNT at most coffee shops. When you take a step towards saving the planet you save money too how cool is that! The water bottle thing is just mind boggling to me. It's SO easy to just cary around a reusable water bottle with you I use this really cute 40 ounce one and it honestly forces me to drink more water. I have a Brita in my fridge and it only costs $31.99 it also holds 18 cups. It just makes me feel better whenever I refill it. I'll link it below with some of my favorite water bottles that I own. Straws are basically extinct here in LA I don't really use them and when I do it's mainly when I'm home making a smoothie. I have cool glass ones and some that fold up. The glass ones are my favorite!

Ultramax Filtered Water Dispenser
Simple Modern 40 Ounce Water Bottle
Reusable Glass Straws

I stopped using tampons and started using the saalt cup

I'm going to be real here, period talk isn't really talked about it's like the second you mention period the whole room goes silent like it's a dirty word you mustn't ever speak about.....and I HATE THAT. It shouldn't be weird.  Or gross to men it should be something that women and men can talk about openly and freely. It's a beautiful, natural thing. My friends probably hate me (jk I know you love me for always bringing it up) because i've been very vocal with them on my transition we all laugh about it and it's opening up our conversations. So let's talk about periods. Ever since I got it in 8th grade yup I was a late bloomer and remember the day vividly. Pads were what my mom always used though she never really discussed too much and my older sister used tampons so I turned to my older friend who taught me how to use tampons. I used tampons it was just something you had to do. There was always a cup option but who the heck talks about the cup? It was always this foreign object in the aisle. There's not cup commercials so us girls trust always, playtex and all those brands because it's what we know. 5 months ago I tried the cup the first time because i'm going to be real honest with you i've used playtex and this happened TWICE to me so I was done with tampons. Both times I was taking out my tampons I realized it hurt really bad because there were TWO in me with one string so pulling them out was awful. I'm the type when i set my mind to something I go all in and never look back. So I did some research and no one I knew used the saalt cup or any cup that I was aware of but I thought I'd give it a go on my own. The first time I tried it all went well until I had to take it out. It was so different, and honestly scared me to the point of tears when I thought it was stuck. Luckily it came out when I stopped stressing. I've been using it for 5 months now and never used a tampon or pad after that because now i'm OBSESSED. It's scary trying it for the first time but honestly it makes my periods lighter, my cramps go away, there's no nasty smells (cause ew tampons stink up the trash and that string is impossible not to pee on) it uses no plastic, there's no leaks, it's better for your body and you get to know your body more! I actually look forward to having periods now it makes it kind of fun as weird as that sounds. I even had my roommate try it and she LOVES it. She's been using it for 2 months now. It's something that you don't really know you'd love until you try it. AND it helps reduce waste how cool is that?! If you try it feel free to message me or email me and let me know how it goes! I'm here for you girl with any nitty gritty questions! I use the small cup and only change it twice a day. When I wake up and when I go to sleep. I forget i'm on my period half the time because you can't feel it at all I've worked out, swam, lived an active lifestyle with it in and WORN WHITE with no spills, stains or anything. I bought the DUO pack i'll link that one below. I also use the Saalt cup wash to rinse it with!

Saalt Duo Pack - Menstrual Cup
Saalt Cup Wash

I stopped eating all things meat.
I've done this before in high school about 10 years ago. It stuck all 4 years but I still ate chicken just no beef. It's probably why meat started hurting my stomach whenever i'd eat it after that. About 6 months ago I randomly after a friends birthday decided i'm gonna quit cold turkey I didn't stock up on all my favorite burgers or eat my meat way through town. I just did it. I am on a vegetarian/pescatarian diet. I also do a lot of plant based meals through out the week. I feel so much better and don't get sick anymore. It hasn't been hard either because I never really liked chicken for years. Since I live in LA it's really easy to have this diet and so many plant based alternatives taste so yummy. I'm not pushing this diet on anyone it just works for me. I watched this documentary on the plane on my way to the bahamas back in june (I started my diet end of may). It opened my eyes to a lot of things and would love for you to watch it! Pinterest also helps me so much when coming up with things to cook. It just makes me feel healthier eating loads of fruits and veggies. You have to find out the perfect diet for you and try different ones. What works for me my not work for you. I also just wanted to be more cautious of what is going into my body. Also to be more cautious of the environment and the amazing animals that live on it.

Wonders of the Sea

Eco Friendly products I love and use every day! 
After watching the film above and just making these adjustments I wanted to find other ways of being better. Just doing more for the earth even if it is something as small as deodorant that uses refillable containers. I was looking everywhere in my apartment seeing everything that really took up plastic containers. From my dish soap, to my shampoo and conditioner to toothpaste it honestly made me feel sick. I have always used all natural shampoo and conditioner as well as toothpaste but one thing that really bugged me was using an aluminum container for my deodorant. Again i'm going to be real honest here, I sweat A LOT. Like when i'm working out i'm drenched. I noticed though during those hardcore workouts my armpits never sweat when using the dove aluminum spray deodorant. I was a sucker for that it always made me smell nice. So as I was cutting down plastic I researched a few companies and found By Humankind. I switched to all natural deodorant the eucalyptus one was my favorite. For a few months I enjoyed it but anytime I was sweating it would turn white dripping down my arms but being stubborn I didn't want to go back to my old deodorant. As much as I loved the smell and concept it just wasn't working for me. I then found MYRO i'm pretty sure through an instagram ad and this one works for me. The smell is amazing I use the 'chill wave' scent and it has the same refillable container that I love. Just remember when switching to all natural clean products it takes time for your body to adjust so give it a few months to feel the change. I'm so much happier using Myro but honestly Humankind has amazing products. I highly recommend the mouth wash! I'll put some of my favorite products that I love below. Some are just all natural and some are supper eco friendly. I think the point is to just try and be aware of what your using, how much waste your throwing away, and all the single use plastic items you use on the daily. Figure out how to eliminate slowly i'm telling you it's not an easy happens over night thing. It's a lifestyle in order to have a cleaner economy. It starts with how you're treating yourself first and what you're using to do so.

Myro Deodorant - Chill Wave
Hello - Charcoal toothpaste
Pacifica Sea Foam Face Wash
Maui Moisture Shampoo
Maui Moisture Conditioner
Kai Eau De Parfum

You can shop this denim jacket that I personally hand painted for my brand Live Wyld Designs - it's made with recycled denim.
The Universe Hand Painted Denim Jacket

It all starts with you! No one is perfect and to say I use nothing plastic is a lie. I try my best and do my best and try to share with family and friends why I do what I do.
I hear so many times "one person can't change anything" but if we all thought that way our world would already be destroyed. So many people are doing things, fighting for our planet and actually making a CHANGE. So always remember one person WILL make a change and you can make a change easily it just starts with YOU. Going into 2020 just be aware of things like this.


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