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My Experience in Byron Bay

WOW happy new year! I spent my new years in Australia, it was so refreshing to be in another country far away from home for the new year. There's always that pressure for new years to find something outrageous to do so why not leave the country. I wanted to share my whole experience and what my best friend and I did every day including where we ate and what we enjoyed the best. Of course Byron has some type of allure to it without even mentioning it's food, people, places and things to do. It's one of those cities that just makes you instantly feel good once you step outside. When I travel I love to be immersed in the culture and city, I love to be able to walk everywhere, try all the food, enjoy fun cocktails (for dinners cause why not go big) and meet people. That is by far my favorite and always makes for a good time / experience and i'm all about experiences.

Traveling on a budget - but experiencing everything you possibly can!! 

Of course I do all of these things while being on a budget. Let me be 100% honest with you. I've never had loads of money or grew up rich I honestly just make it from paycheck to paycheck but I don't need much because I honestly love what I do. I have a huge drive to go to the places on my bucket list and make it happen in one way or another. I come home broke but richer than ever because of the experiences. It's so true traveling is really the only thing that makes you richer. Learning new things, the memories you make,  how others across the world communicate and open their arms to you is just a truly magical thing. You can't trade it for materialistic things at all.  I always come home from a trip extremely grateful and make lifetime friends in faraway places. I urge you to go to the first place on your list (If you don't have a list make one) because staying where you are isn't living, doing the same thing everyday isn't living either but that's just my opinion if that makes your soul satisfied then keep doing that but if you strive for places, people and experiences that will last a lifetime you have to make them happen! Don't just talk about "one day" because "one day" may never come. Say "I will go here" instead of "I want to go here." Honestly those little things make a difference it's almost like it tricks your mind to file that place in a folder in your brain to make it happen instead of a wishful daydream folder if that makes any sense. Anytime I find a place I really need to travel to I keep saying "I'm going here, it's happening." And it ends up happening.

Where we stayed

We stayed at the The Lord Byron - You can check it out here // the location of this hotel is everything it's central to EVERY SINGLE THING. We never drove we just walked everywhere. We'd get in at least 6 miles a day from walking to breakfast or to the grocery store or to the beach then back for dinner we were just always walking around. It was the best part about staying so close to everything. Byron bay has some of the best shops, restaurants and beaches I ever did see. THE STYLE IS UNREAL and the vibe is "anything goes." The best part about the hotel is they offer free BIKES and surfboards on a first come first serve bases so be sure to take advantage of that! Get up early and bike around town. Hit up the beach for some easy surfing. I didn't take advantage of the surfboards I haven't surfed since Bali around 3 years ago but after swimming in the waves it was supper mellow perfect for us beginners. The Lord Byron also has a nice pool it's tranquil surrounded by palms and greenery with umbrellas. We went to it every morning to read and relax before heading to breakfast. This place was just amazing the staff were SO accommodating and sweet I would 100% stay there again!

Where we ate

My favorite thing about traveling is trying all the food and drinks I can! 
I will put this list in order of favorites because some of these places I had to go back to since the food and drinks were SO TASTY! I highly recommend going to these 3 places!! 

1. The Mez Club ||  @TheMezClub - Order the Crispy Squid (it's legit mouthwatering, The Brookies Banger drink is a yummy gin cocktail with watermelon, jalapeƱo, and basil. The artichoke dip and the bread plate) We mainly did appetizers so we could have more variety. JUST DELICIOUS!!! 

2. The Balcony || @balconybyronbay - I ordered a few gin bloody marry's and WOW so refreshing tasted incredible! The fish and chips are also a must! I didn't get to try any of the oysters but they are known for those. I'll have to check it out next time! The mango fruit bowl is the best tasting mango ever! As well as the egg Benedict. 

3. Byron Fresh || @byronfreshcafe - Not only is there live music every night they have a really good happy hour. The house white wine was spectacular. As well as the cheese board (what a giant cheese board that was - for happy hour) It's decor is just such a vibe. Sit on the ledge and people watch it's in the center of the byron and if you don't try this place did you really go to byron?? Be prepared it gets packed so go early like we did and enjoy some wine and fun live music. 

Although we ate at many places the best thing to do is walk around and find all of the cute spots, byron is filled with the most amazing restaurants, cafes and coffee shops. Do your research but also walk around, try new things everyday, don't get caught up in going to the same place every single day that gets boring and that's not really traveling now is it. 


The Beaches

You have to go to the Pass it's one of the most beautiful beaches in byron. I went here when I visited last year and I had to come back. We took a walk bright and early to the pass from our hotel. We walked through the city and through a street path then on the way back to the hotel we actually just walked along the beach. Since it was supper hot and humid we just walked along the water. I highly recommend doing that than walking through town (we showed up to the beach looking like we already much sweat.) The pass is also a great surfing beach if you're a beginner like me! 

Overall Byron is known for the lighthouse, beaches, chill vibes and great people. We didn't get an opportunity to check it out in person we only saw it from afar. We probably averaged at more than 6 miles a day just from walking around. Also if you're looking for a wild night out go to cheeky monkey it's quite a surprise. It was one of the best nights out!! Lots of dancing, smog lights, 90's music it was fantastic! I can't wait to visit byron again in the future it's a town that will always be in my heart it's unlike any place and you just have to see it for yourself. 


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