Friday, July 25, 2014


TRENDING: One of my favorite trends this summer is the all white look. I would've worn a jacket but it's been so hot lately that I was already sweating during this photoshoot I couldn't add anymore layers. Such a fun look and I like exploring it and adding that touch of color which would be my Steve Madden wedge. My white lace tunic is perfect because it could be passed on as a dress but it could also be worn in so many different ways I love it. Adding white lace trimmed shorts underneath this tunic gives off the dress vibe and also the complete white look. Perfect for those hot summer days!


LACE TUNIC || LilywhiteLa || @Shopsecretcharm || #Lilywhitela

White Lace trimmed shorts || Urban Outfitters Studio City || @Urbanoutfitters || #UOonyou

Colorful Wedges || Steve Madden || @Stevemadden || #MADDABOUTIT

Arm and Neck Candy || Melrosetradingpost || @Melrosetradingpost 


Friday, July 18, 2014

The Good LYFE

This week has truly been one of the best weeks of my LYFE! I am so so so thankful for everyone whose made this week a blessing. My dreams are at the surface and I can nearly touch them with my hands. Big things are in store for me and it would've never happened without pushing myself. Sometimes we get down and feel in a rut but with consistency and persistence you can really do anything your heart desires. LIFE is good take advantage of everything it has to offer. This post is all about being YOU the real you. I have blossomed and become who I truly want to be which is ME. 


ROMPER || Swirl || San Clemente CA || @Swirlboutique
ARM CANDY || Flash Tattoos || @Flashtattoos || #Flashtat
Cardigan + FLATS || Forever21 || @forever21 || #f21xme


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

>>>Tail Feathers>>>>

Shake your TAIL FEATHERS! I am stoked to bring you this post because it involves a lot of my favorite things. Dancing, flash tattoos and a colorful scarf. The highlight of this post is this scarf from Printed Village (((you can find the link at the end of the post in featured items))) It was a great collaboration and I am so thankful that Printed Village reached out to me. It's one of the most versatile things in my closet. Getting it I had no idea it would be this large and that's one of the things I love. I've used it as a head wrap, a blanket, a skirt, and while swimming a dress. I wanted to showcase how you could use it in this post because it's more than just another scarf. 
Another thing I wanted to showcase was my Flash Tattoos which are these amazing temporary tattoos that are inspired by jewelry. Constantly I got asked while wearing them what they were and how cool they looked. I am obsessed with them and you can buy them at plenty of stores now as well as online. 
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Featured Items: 
Tail Feather Scarf || Printed Village ||  CLICK TO BUY || @PrintedVillage #Printedvillage

Flash Tattoos || PlanetBlue || Flash Tat || CLICK TO BUY || @Flashtattoos @shopplanetblue #Flashtat 

Top || TopShop || Nordstrom || @Topshop @Nordstrom

Crochet Denim Shorts || Levis || @levis 

Sunglasses || Pacsun || @Pacsun #myGSOM #Pacsun

Lipstick || Mac 

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