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Abbot Kinney

In the midst of June who wears a leather jacket? Me! I Do haha. I love this outfit and this street so so much if you haven't checked out Abbot Kinney in Venice you NEED to now. The street fashion, the clothing stores and all the restaurants and JUICE you need. It's probably one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles. I love mixing prints with leather jackets it gives the outfit such a different look. This day was pretty hot but sometimes you don't have to wear the jacket all the way and you'll be at a perfect temperature. This shoot ended with going to the Tom's Flagship store and buying a JUICE which was refreshing but a tad bit spicy from the Ginger. Hey it was still great, I enjoy that Juice life. 

 I will be heading camping this week but that doesn't mean my Instagram will go MIA trust me this camp ground is WONDERFUL so if you don't follow my instagram you SHOULD to keep updated on my life--and new blogposts<3 Anyways enjoy the streets of Abbot Kinney like I did. 

Top: Splendid || SHOP NOW || @SplendidLA || #Splendid
Leather Jacket: H&M || @HM || #Hmusa #hm 
Shorts : Urban Outfitters || @Urbanoutfitters || #uoonyou
Shoes : Macy's || @macys || #macys
Jewels : Pacsun || @pacsun || #pacsun


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