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Blue Lagoon

I can't fathom how important it is to wander. To find places that haven't been touched, to walk barefoot through grass and feel the tips of it's harsh ends between your toes. It's so important to get lost, to turn down a road, to venture out and visit the unknown. It's so easy to go to the typical spot but for me it's all about trying or going to the unknown. I get a certain high off of places I've never been. It could be a random coffee shop down the street of my apartment, that i've been to busy to try or a random stream near the beach that maybe doesn't get the attention it needs. I absolutely love trying new things it's I guess a hobby of mine. Of course every wanderer needs a fun dress to twirl around in or share the moment with. For me it's all about the backless, loose fitted, and of course printed dresses. What's out gonna be for you? xxxkeep wandering you just might be shocked at where you end upxx

Lagoon Dress by Melrose in the Oc || || @Melroseintheoc

Bracelets by Jemmasands || || @Jemmasands 

Bracelet by Lost Lover Store || || @Lostloverstore

Photos by: @darkmintdaisy


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