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COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE, Not only do I drink it I use it as a face + body scrub all thanks to Those babes hooked Cathie (@DARKMINTDAISY) and I up. I have a strict routine when it comes to my skin but after trying this out for at least a month I've found something new to add to that routine. It not only smells amazing but feels amazing as well. AND I get to make a mess in the shower what's better than that? I recommend this coffee scrub because they not only have this one but other flavors as well. Thanks again to the lovelies behind this product for creating one of my favorite scrubs<3333 While shooting Cathie and I always get these random sometimes crazy ideas and somehow make them come to life. This one was one of my favorite ideas we created a short commercial like film so PRESS PLAY and watch us in the act of scrubbing :)))


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