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Salty Beach

Salty Beaches and Sandy Bums in one of my favorite one pieces. I still feel like i'm living through my trip and memories through all my vacation photos. This day in particular was VERY hot and VERY humid. The rest of the day was all about being in the pool and relaxing. The Pier behind me is not only gorgeous but you can jump right in the ocean and snorkel. It's perfect and I did just that on one of the first days I spent here. We still have an amazing surprise for all of you…so keep checking the blog and instagram for updates on whats to come. And I hope you all enjoy this one piece as much as I did. The back is really what drew me in as well as the boho print and while on vacay it's a perfect transformation piece throw on jeans or shorts and hit the night life ;) 


Ivy One Piece 15' || Salt Swimwear || SHOP SWIM || @SaltSwimwear

Gypsy Necklace and Cuff || Silk Road Designs || || @Silk_Road_Design || @Glotatts 


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