Friday, August 28, 2015

Mellow Yellow

Yellow is the color of happiness and fun to me. It's actually one of my favorite colors, I think when I was younger when everyone was saying theirs was blue or pink I was like why not yellow? So everything from then on was yellow my iPod, my notepads, heck even part of my tattoo is yellow. I guess I've always liked being different. This outfit is seriously so fun to wear! It's carefree and I feel like why can't everyday be a music festival?! I was in Topanga Canyon and never been to this Frog place but SO going back to enjoy it being open. It was early and everything was closed. I recommend a day dedicated to Topanga Canyon because it's one of those streets that has the coolest cafes, shops and places to get lost in everything is so colorful. So I dedicate this post to no Mellow Yellow but to fun yellow, to the underestimated color, and the underestimated you. 


+ Floral Romper || She In (She Inside) || SHOP ROMPER || @Sheinside_Official

+Gypsy Lace Kimono || The Boho Trader || SHOP KIMONO || @Thebohotrader

+The Sandy Choker || Jay Nicole Jewelry || SHOP NECKLACE ||


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Safari Stardust

Elephants, sunsets, and hair extensions…. I never thought i'd be mixing these things together but they actually make quite the combination. Recently I've partnered up with Irresistible Me an amazing brand that sells not only great quality hair extensions but hair tools. At first I was a bit skeptical since I already have long messy locks (that are indeed hard to tame) but after trying these bad boys out i've been having loads of fun with them. They add a certain depth to my hair that I love and are SO EASY to clip in or out when you need em. As for this magical dress theres something sassy about backless, it's romantic and makes me feel free! Fall is also right around the corner so I topped my look off with a great denim jacket that of course mixes print on print. Shop my entire look including the extensions below ;) and keep up with my #BTS and day to day activity on insta! @dancingwithflyingcolors

Photos by: @darkmintdaisy


+ Mojave Maxi Dress || RAGA || SHOP DRESS || @RAGA_la

+ Clip in Extensions || Irresistible Me || SHOP PRODUCT || @Irresistibleme_hair

+ Aztec Fall Jacket || White Crow Clothing || SHOP JACKET || @Whitecrowbrand

+ Rope the Moon Jewelry || || @Ropethemoon

+ Glotatts || 

+ Necklace || Silkroaddesigns 


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dark Goddess

This look has me thinking of Fall;  the colors, the leaves, the trees and everything else Fall has in store. Maxi dresses are great for all year around when you live in Southern California. They are easy and light and instantly fashionable. The one I have on is supper special because it's handmade in Ghana. If you know me at all you know my heart belongs all over the world. I typically don't do a ton of dark colors I like to stray from black because black is easy to wear but this dress just called my name with the soft print and romantic flow about it. Topped with a hat and a fun necklace handmade by my friend, it not only makes a great transition to fall, but it makes a fun lightweight outfit that has us wishing the leaves were falling and the 100 degree heat wave would just end. 


+ Maxi Dress || Della Los Angeles || SHOP DELLA || @Dellalosangeles

+ The Wrap Necklace || Jay.Nicole.Jewelry || SHOP NECKLACE ||

+ Indie Hat || Urban Outfitters 

Photos by: @JamieNkidd
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