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Lacey Dunes

Keep on dreaming, you dreamers. Lace, temporary tattoos and long cardigans on the blog today/tonight. I have to say… have you seen the POCKETS on this cardigan?! It's simply amazing and at a chic length every girl needs one of these bad boys in their closet. If I could have a whole closet mixed with white and lace I WOULD… I love lace a little too much and sometimes I have to just avoid getting it because that's literally all i'd have. Thats the cool thing about style it's something that changes but doesn't at the same time. Like lace, lace to me is timeless. Which is also why I love this dress I can get loads of use out of it. So enjoy my sandy dunes adventure…which also cost me a good work out that hill is no joke! 

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>> All Over Lace Shift Dress || Sans Souci Stores || BUY DRESS || @sanssoucistores << 

>> Long Blush Cardi || People's Project LA || SHOP CARDI || @PPLAclothing << 

>> Temporary Boho Tattoo || Pure Tatts || SHOP NOW || @Puretatts << 

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>> The Bam Bam Necklace || << 



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