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Midnight Hues

I guess lately a lot of my posts have been color related but hey it's all good. I'm dancing with flying colors so I have to have a strong love for color. Since CA is hardly ever cold it's easy to wear dresses in the winter. Like this Navy long sleeved one. It's perfect for a "chilly" Los Angeles day. When I say chilly I mean LA chilly which is literally 60 degrees. Bailey Blue Clothing has a cool amount of chic dresses and the fun part about them is like the one below a lot of them come with a built in necklace. PERRRFECTO! <3 Shop entire look below and check out Bailey Blue!

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>> Never Too Much Navy Long Sleeve Dress || Bailey Blue Clothing || BUY DRESS || @Baileyblueclothing <<

>> Black Toroise Shell Capri || DITTO || USE CODE: FLYINGCOLORS for a free month!

>> Pure Tatts / Temporary Tattoo || BUY NOW || @Puretatts << 


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