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Floral City

Cincinnati, OH, USA

All things floral on todays post. Floral rompers, and a hint of handpicked flowers. In the lovely Cincinnati, amongst the skyscraper buildings; there is this beauty in the simple things. Although it was so hot and I was pretty sweaty shooting this, it was nice to stop and pick some flowers...that ended up being perfect for this outfit. I think i'd call picking flowers a hobby, it brings so much joy to those who pick em, and even more joy to those who receive them. I may have said this time and time but flowers/ flower print anything floral is my jam! This romper is great because it can be worn with the low V neck or tucked away so it isn't showing so much. Perfect for day and night! Paired with a belt, a lacy bralette and some fun booties I felt like I was rocking this city! Floral city indeed.
 So buy your own flowers, or pick them you don't have to wait around for someone to bring them to you. Brighten your own day! 

The Queen Velvet Choker || @Jay.Nicole.Jewelry
Floral Romper || @Zellastonela

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